BVX Knowledge Base
BVX Knowledge Base
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Working of Business ValueXpress®

The general working of BVX® is provided in Display Panel, Deal Quantifier™ and Deal Optimizer™ and Deal 25.


This section provides details of BVX® operation and its inner working.


6.1 BVX® Iterative Method 
6.2 Modes of Operation 
6.3 Deal Quantifier™ and Deal Optimizer™ 
6.4 New Valuation  6.5 BVX® - Cash Flow 
6.6 Pre - payment Sequence 
6.7 Borrowing Priorities 
6.8 Goodwill 
6.9 BVX® - Best Value 
6.10 No Solution 
6.11 Special Error 
6.12 Communication Flags 
6.13 Start-ups and Turnarounds 
6.14 BVX® Output Limitations