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New Valuation

To start a new valuation, open the BVX® application by clicking on the BVX icon on the desktop. This opens the Overview screen of the New Valuation template; default mode is the Standard mode. To start a new valuation, while you are in the middle of a valuation project, go to File on top of the Overview screen and click on New Valuation and choose the template for the Basic or the Standard mode of operation. BVX will prompt you if you want to save the open valuation project file.


Top 2/3 of the Overview screen is for inputs and the bottom 1/3 of the Overview screen displays output. There are additional tabs on the top (like Income statement, Balance Sheet, etc.) that show additional output details. These tabs become active only after running Deal Quantifier™ or Deal Optimizer™.


Certain cells of the Basic and the Standard New Valuation templates are pre-loaded with values. User should review these pre-loaded values and change them as needed.


When user enters data into any cell, the cell turns pink in color. Values in the pink cells are just sitting there; they have not been sent to BVX, and hence the results do not reflect the values in the pink cells. When the user clicks Deal Quantifier™ or Deal Optimizer™ the values in the pink cells are sent to BVX and all the results are updated. The data cells turn from pink to white in color. If the cells are pink it is an indication that the values have not been sent to BVX. 


Message boxes pop up if data is missing or if wrong data has been entered.  Data cell cannot be blank. You must enter zero instead. On-screen help is available for each input data cell by double-clicking the corresponding text label for that cell.


After all data is entered user can click Deal Quantifier™ to check out the feasibility of the deal, or click Deal Optimizer™ to determine the Best Value. Deal Quantifier™ requires the user to enter purchase price multiple, buyer equity and the mezzanine warrants; where as Deal Optimizer™ does not need these three inputs.