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BVX Knowledge Base
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1.  Enter total annual sales of the business for the year (Year-0) prior to the acquisition.   See Inputs and Income statement for general instructions.

Sales input field allows entry of up to 7 digits. See Example below for larger numbers.

Do not enter comma between digits (i.e. do not enter the character "," between digits)

Make sure all input data is entered on a consistent basis in the remaining fields.Example

a) If sales are 300,000,000, reduce the number of digits to 7 or less, e.g. enter 300000.

b) If sales are 1,000,000, you can enter 1000000, but it is recommended that you enter 1000.

c) If sales are 500,000, you may want to enter 500000, rather than 500 for better readability and presentation of the results.

d) If sales are 456,345, you may want to enter 456000. This will improve readability and presentation of the results. Valuation results, often, are not expected to be accurate to the last digit.


2.  BVX uses iterative processing technique rather than valuation formulas. With this method, BVX performance improves with less number of digits in the

input cells. More number of digits can compromise algorithm speed, and its ability to find BVX Best Value, and may cause more frequent No Solution. If

this occurs, reduce the number of digits.


3.  Future sales are calculated per input in Future Growth, Cap Ex and EBITDA.  Future sales can also be specified using Advanced Features: Sales Growth