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Less additional Salaries/Expenses

See Inputs and Income statement for general instructions.

•  No entry is required in this cell if the EBITDA entered in the EBITDA cell is a correct one as described in EBITDA.
•  This cell can be used to make adjustments to the EBITDA entered in the EBITDA cell. For example, if Discretionary Cash Flow has been entered in the
EBITDA cell, then this cell can be used to enter owner compensation and related expenses. This allows one to show both the Discretionary Cash Flow
and the assumed owner compensation. It can also be used to show changes in expenses due to management fees of the buyer, overhead changes,
consolidation benefits, staff changes, rent changes, etc.
•  Positive or a negative number can be entered in this cell. Final Adj. EBITDA reduces if the data entry is positive (meaning more expenses) and increases if the data entry negative (meaning less expenses).